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The most important fundamental soccer skill is the FIRST-TOUCH, using the INSIDE-OF-THE-FOOT! 
/FB Logo.JPGInstepper offers a unique Mentoring Program, curriculum, and training devices that are GUARANTEED to improve players' FIRST-TOUCH in a fun and everlasting way!
When players (menteesmentors), parents, coachesClubs, and colleges embrace Instepper, everyone wins. 
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What do you call this part of the foot? Take the Instepper poll. See if others agree with you.



The first 10 TEAMS (from different Clubs) that take the "Dream BIG!" Instepper Challenge and post/tag photos/videos/results online, will receive a FREE Loopball kit.
Contact Us on our website or shoot us a DM on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok to claim your prize or if you have questions.
If your team is from/near the SF Bay Area, invite Instepper to your first Dream BIG! challenge. We will make every effort to be there.

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