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Before taking the Dream BIG! Challenge, Instepper wants you to think about your soccer and career ambitions. Remember to Dream BIG!
Coaches, Clubs, and Schools
The Dream BIG! Challenge is a(n):
  • Fun diversion from a regular practice session
  • Great way to evaluate talent (excellent for tryouts)
  • Activity that could be part of a larger FUNdraising event.  
The Dream Big! Challenge (download documentation) is broken into 8 stations and test the following skills:
  1. 2-Touch: receiving and passing (Round 1) video
  2. Dribbling (Round 1) video
  3. Shooting with accuracy (Round 1) video
  4. Running backwards video
  5. 2-Touch: receiving and passing (Round 2) video
  6. Dribbling (Round 2) video
  7. Shooting with accuracy (Round 2) video
  8. Sprinting video
Additional skills that the Dream BIG! Challenge focuses on are:
  • Ambidexterity: use of both the left and right foot, equally
  • Communication
  • Conditioning
  • Tactics (planning/thinking ahead)
  • Self-analysis (how to improve future performances)
Download Dream BIG! Guide today.
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