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Before taking the Dream BIG! Challenge, Insteppers wants you to share your soccer and careers ambitions/goals? Remember to Dream BIG!
Coaches, Clubs, and Schools
The Dream BIG! Challenge is a(n):
  • Fun diversion from a regular practice.
  • Great way to evalaute talent (excellent for tryouts)
  • Initial activity that could help supercharge fundraising.  
The Dream Big! Challenge (download documentation) is broken into 8 stations and test these skills.
  1. 2-Touch: receiving and passing (Round 1) video
  2. Dribbling (Round 1) video
  3. Shooting with accuracy (Round 1) video
  4. Running backwards video
  5. 2-Touch: receiving and passing (Round 2) video
  6. Dribbling (Round 2) video
  7. Shooting with accuracy (Round 2) video
  8. Sprinting video
Additional skills the Dream BIG! Challenges focuses on are:
  • Ambidexterity: use of both the left and right foot, equally
  • Communication
  • Conditioning
  • Strategizing (planning/thinking ahead)
  • Self-analysis (how can I improve my times)
Download Dream BIG! Guide today.
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