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Many studies have shown that cross-age mentoring programs benefit both the mentee (player) and the mentor. Instepper will bring these same benefits to the soccer field.
Some of the Instepper mentoring benefits are listed below:
  • Our mentoring services and products are very affordable.
  • We insist on 1:1 or 2:1 player-to-mentor ratio.
  • We recommend high intensity, 30-minute sessions, once or twice a week. But mentors can accommodate whatever length and frequency you and your child want.
  • We recommend a 10-lesson plan to give your child enough time to develop FIRST-TOUCH mechanics, muscle memory, and good habits.
  • Find a mentor that can accommodate your schedule and preferred location.
  • Instepper Mentor curriculum can be tailored to your child’s experience and skill level. Your child will always be challenged. Young players who have played for many years will still benefit from Instepper.
  • Your Instepper investment will allow your child to get much more out of practices and games.
  • Your child and the Instepper Mentor may not always be a perfect fit. Other Instepper Mentors will be available.
  • There are no long-term commitments. Pay for services as you go.
  • Once your child has completed his/her first session of 10 lessons, sign up for additional sessions that will help re-inforce the FIRST-TOUCH even more.

Watch your child's confidence grow as they develop a strong first-touch foundation which will help them reach their full potential.

Sign up your child today.

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