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Instepper will help raise funds for your teams, clubs, and schools. Read up on the Instepper FUNdraising benefits, how to get started, and FUNdraiser events/offerings, including Instepper Day and the Instepper Mentoring Program. Contact Instepper to help you get started today.


  • Innovativeness. Instepper FUNdraising uses Challenges, skill development, mentoring, matching donations, products/merchandise, community sponsorships, social media, etc. Be an early adopter. Try something new.
  • Financially Rewarding. Instepper offers several ways to FUNdraise. With more offerings, more FUNds will be raised. Friends, family, and local business involvement will help 'supercharge' your FUNdraising efforts.
  • Impactful. All Instepper FUNdraising endeavors will leave an impactful and lasting value on everyone involved: the team/players/Club/school organizing the FUNdraising; the younger players participating in the FUNdraisers; the community network and family members supporting the FUNdraiser.
  • Player-Driven. When players play a large role in their FUNdraiser, the effort is more genuine, the products/services are more impactful, and the public will be more receptive to help. Parents and coaches play a role. But the players will largely be responsible for organizing and running the FUNdraiser.
  • Low Start-up Costs. Since a successful Instepper FUNdraiser will require player buy-in, test the waters first. If there is interest both on the player and consumer sides, you can quickly and easily expand the FUNdraising effort. If there is no interest, simply move on. 
  • FUN. It's called FUNdraising for a reason.

Getting Started

Below is one example of steps a team/school/Club can take to explore if Instepper FUNdraiser is right for you. 
  • Step 1. Generate and gauge interest from the players that will be doing the FUNdraiser. Have the players (not the coach) run the Dream BIG and GO AL! Challenges at their next practice.
  • Step 2. Assuming they enjoyed the Challenges, introduce them to the Heart & S.O.U.L. Challenge. Determine if the Challenge resonates with them and if they see the value in improving the FIRST-TOUCH for all players.
  • Step 3. If they agree with the Heart & S.O.U.L. concept, ask them if they, as a team, would be interested in helping younger players improve their FIRST-TOUCH, raise money for their team, and have a great time and unique experience doing so. 
  • Step 4. If the team is onboard, ask several younger House or Comp teams to join your next practice. Have your players run the Heart & SOUL Challenge followed by the Dream BIG! Challenge. 
  • Step 5. Gauge the interest of the younger teams and the effort put forth by your team. Did you think everyone had FUN? Do you see potential? If so, it is time to start putting together an Instepper FUNdraising initiative. 

Activities & Offerings

The Instepper FUNdraising activities/services that will raise the most FUNds is Instepper Day and/or starting an Instepper Mentoring Program. Why not do both?

Instepper Day

Any event that has a lot of foot traffic is a great place for an Instepper Day. A few examples are:
  • Tournaments
  • Local amateur/pro games
  • Photo Day
  • World Cup viewing parties
  • Local Farmers Market
During Instepper Day, offer lots of FUN activities and promote your FUNdraiser. Instepper suggests all activities are based on a PWYC (pay-what-you-can) model. A few examples appear below.

Instepper Mentoring Program

  • Charge younger players (Mentees) a PWYC (pay-what-you-can) fee for a 10-session course
  • Mentors will solicit friends, family, and local businesses/townspeople for matching donations and/or sponsorships.
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