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Older Players -- Mentors


High School and College-Aged Players

Getting Started

  • First, write down or create a video explaining, in detail, how to properly receive a pass with the inside-of-the-foot. Be specific. Give details.
  • Second, check out Heart & SOUL Challenge. Do the mechanics make sense?
  • Take other Instepper Challenges: GO AL! and Dream BIG! Post your results, challenge your friends and teammates. Ask your coach to spend the next practice doing a challenge as a team.
  • If you want to become an Instepper Mentor, and you are still a minor, have a parent contact Instepper or complete the Mentor Form.


  • Instepper is designed for you to succeed on, and more importantly, off the soccer field.
  • Earn money (FUNdraise) for yourself, your team, your Club, and/or your school by mentoring younger players.
  • Develop valuable soft skills (i.e., leadership, communication, time management, creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, etc.) using our soccer knowledge and expertise.
  • Improve your FIRST-TOUCH; teaching is the best teacher.
  • Supercharge your soft-skill development by taking on greater responsibilities (i.e., mentor-the-mentors, manage your team's FUNdraising campaign, introduce Instepper to other Clubs/schools).
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