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If the FIRST-TOUCH, using the INSIDE-OF-THE-FOOT, is the most important skill in soccer, why is it that most players' FIRST-TOUCH is not very good?
  • Lack of awareness
    • Most players we ask rarely say the FIRST-TOUCH is the most important skill.
    • Many youth coaches are new to soccer; most did not play soccer as a child.
    • Most parents and fans don't appreciate the FIRST-TOUCH. Rather, long kicks and fancy moves are cheered.
    • Even if players recognize the importance of the FIRST-TOUCH, their mechanics are often wrong.
  • Not enough time
    • Soccer is a complex, multi-faceted sport. There are lots of skills to develop.
    • Practices have time limits.
    • Players don’t spend enough on their own developing their FIRST-TOUCH.
  • Fundamentals are boring
    • Very few players in any sport enjoy working on fundamentals? They should be called “bored”amentals.
  • The FIRST-TOUCH can never, ever be mastered. It can always be better.

Without a confident and mechanically-correct FIRST-TOUCH, players will never reach their full soccer potential. Fortunately, there is a solution!

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