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First-Touch Solutions

Instepper offers many Solutions for all ages, playing abilities, and budgets with far-reaching Benefits.


  • Instepper has put together many simple, effective, and memorable sets of tools that comprise the Instepper Curriculum.
  • These tools can be easily applied and understood by players and soccer enthusiasts off all ages.
  • These tools are available for free on our website and social media platforms.
  • One set of tools are Instepper Challenges, that are designed to highlight the importance of the FIRST-TOUCH.
  • The Heart & SOUL Challenge is so effective that after just 1 pass, a player taking this Challenge will improve their FIRST-TOUCH instantly!
  • The solution with the highest value is the Instepper Mentoring Program, where high school and college-aged players mentor younger players on improving their FIRST-TOUCH. Mentors reinforce proper mechanics and help develop first-touch muscle memory. Most importantly, it is done by making FUNdamentals FUN.
  • Insteppers encourages teams, clubs, and schools to implement an Instepper Mentoring Program to improve the FIRST-TOUCH on a much grander scale.


  • Both younger (mentee) and older (mentor) players will improve their FIRST-TOUCH, using the INSIDE-OF-THE-FOOT.
  • Players will be more confident.
  • Players overall game will improve dramatically.
  • Players will have higher soccer IQ scores.
  • Parents will get much more value out of their current soccer investments.
  • Coaches will have more FUNdamentally-sound players to work with and train.
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