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Tutti 2T, Good Footie" is part Instepper Challenge and par Instepper practice drill that instills the importance of the 2-touch mindset into players.
These days, too many players, even at the college level, lack the confidence to comfortably and properly receive a ball. As a result, many possessions end up becoming poor 1-touch possession.
In order for players to reach their full playing potential, they must develop a solid first-touch foundation. The entire world know that Tutti 2T (Tutti is Italian for 'Everybody' and 2T is short for '2-touch') will result in Good Footie (short for 'Football').
Additionally, Tutti 2T and all Instepper Challenges are activities that can be used to help teams, clubs, and schools fundraise.
The Tutti 2T Challenge is comprised of completing cycles around various-sized boxes. See for yourself. 
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