U6-U14 (Elementary and Middle School) Coaches
Each year as a Comp and House coach, I struggled to find a good balance between working on the first-touch and keeping my players' attention. And each year, I would fail to reach my first-touch goals. This struggle led to the invention of Loopball. Instepper gets it:
  • There is not enough time in practice to devote to the first-touch.
  • Fundamentals are boring. Players would rather do more exciting drills or play.
  • Players must take ownership of their first-touch, and work to develop and improve it outside of practice.
  • Back in the 'old days' kids would play 'unsupervised' sports after school with their friends, where a lot of learning and growth would take place. This rarely happens anymore. FIFA is not a good substitute.
Let us help you. Instepper Mentors will:
  • Work only on improving the first-touch. You are still the coach.
  • Be viewed more like peers or friends. They will keep the players' attention and get them to do the homework that is needed to improve.
  • Make boring FUN!
When your team participates in Instepper, you will get back players with a better and more confident first-touch.

With a stronger first-touch foundation, you will help your players elevate their game to new heights.

U15-U19 (High School) Coaches
While a players is never too old to improve his/her first-touch (Messi, Ronaldo, and Rapinoe still work on their first-touch during each practice), your practices are more devoted to the tactical, psychological, and physical aspects of the game. Therefore, at this stage of your players' careers, there is less time for them to strengthen their first-touch foundation.
When your players become Instepper Mentors, they will:
  • Improve their first-touch dramatically. After all, the best way to improve a skill is to have to teach it.
  • Make money (using the skills and knowledge you taught them).
  • Develop important life skills that they can take with them when they go off to college or into the workforce.
  • Stay or get in good shape.
  • Give back to soccer.

Advocate that your players continue to improve their first-touch and, more importantly, they prepare for their futures once their playing days are over. Copyright 2021                                  Follow us on: /Facebook.JPG Image result for instagram logo