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U6-U14 (Elementary and Middle School) Coaches
Each year as a Comp and House coach, I struggled to find a good balance between working on the first-touch and keeping my players' attention. And each year, I would fail to reach my first-touch goals. Instepper feels your pain:
  • There is not enough time in practice to devote to the first-touch.
  • Fundamentals are boring. Players would rather do more exciting drills or play.
  • Players must take ownership of their first-touch, and work to develop and improve it outside of practice.
  • Back in the 'old days' kids would play 'unsupervised' sports after school with their friends, where a lot of learning and growth would take place. This rarely happens anymore. Virtual "FIFA" is not a good substitute.
Instepper can help. Instepper Mentors will:
  • Work only on improving the first-touch. You are still the coach.
  • Be viewed more like peers or friends. They will keep the players' attention and get them to do the homework that is needed to improve.
  • Make improving boring fundamentals FUN!

When your team participates in Instepper, you will get back players with a better and more confident first-touch. With a stronger first-touch foundation, you will help your players elevate their game to new heights.

U15-U19 (High School) Coaches
While a player is never too old to improve his/her first-touch (Messi, Ronaldo, and Rapinoe still work on their first-touch every day), your practices are more devoted to the tactical, psychological, and physical aspects of the game. There is simply less time for players to strengthen their first-touch foundation.
When your players become Instepper Mentors, they will:
  • Improve their first-touch dramatically. After all, the best way to improve a skill is to "Teach It".
  • Make money (using the skills and knowledge you taught them).
  • Develop important life skills that they can take with them when they go off to college or into the workforce.
  • Stay or get in good shape.
  • Give back to soccer.

Advocate that your players continue to improve their first-touch and, more importantly, they prepare for their futures once their playing days are over.

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