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10-Session Course

The Instepper Mentoring Program main service offering is a 10-session course that focuses the FIRST-TOUCH.

Course Structure

  • Each session is only 30-minutes long.
  • Sessions should only take place once or twice a week.
  • Each session builds on the previous session.
  • Between sessions, Mentors give out homework assignments which reinforce what was just learned. Homework is reviewed at the next session.
  • Videos are taken at the start and end of each course to record improvement.
  • Curriculum is flexible to meet the mentee's ability and availability of the mentees
  • Review the Instepper course curriculum in more detail.


  • Many studies have shown that cross-age mentoring programs (where the mentor is closer in age to the mentee) works and benefits both the mentee (player) and mentor.
  • Working on fundamentals is boring. Anything over 30-minutes and most mentees will start to lose focus.
  • Completing homework assignments puts the responsibility on the mentee to work on their FUNdamental development.
  • Since each players learns differently, the Instepper curriculum is flexible to allow players to develop at their own pace, and at the same time, always be challenged.
  • Instepper Mentors will make sure players are always improving, being challenged, and most importantly, having FUN!
  • Instepper Mentoring sessions should be affordable to all players. No player should be priced out.
  • Once a mentee has completed their first course, there are many other Instepper courses that focus on the FIRST-TOUCH and other FUNdamentals.
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