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Heart & SOUL Challenge

"After just 1 pass, you will better soccer player!"

This is an Instepper promise for anyone who takes the Heart and SOUL Challenge. 
For this Challenge, all you will need is a ball and a pip. A pip can be a small sticker you have lying around the house. 
Step 1
Have someone record you receiving several passes prior to starting the Challenge. You will want to see how much you instantly improve. Make sure to receive passes with both feet.
Step 2
With your dominant foot, take your soccer ball and 'cup' it between the top of your foot and your leg. Point your toe up as high as it can go in order to create a pocket that the ball rests in. Squeeze the ball with your toe and shin to keep it in the pocket. Don't let the ball fall off your foot. After a few seconds, remove the ball but keep your foot is the same position. 'Feel' the position of your foot. Remember this 'feel'.
Step 3
Place a pip to the inside of your foot. Specifically, place the pip on the nodule of the inside of the navicular bone
Step 4
Have someone pass you the ball. Make sure the thickest part of the ball hits the pip. The position of your foot must be in the shape of the pocket described in Step 2. Make sure to record first few Heart & SOUL passes. 
Step 5
Repeat Steps 1-4, this time using your other foot.
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