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High Schools

Coaches, introduce your players to Instepper Mentoring Program and reap these rewards:

Get Started

  • Early in the season, or even at tryouts, run 1 or more Instepper Challenges. These are a great way to gauge talent level. 
  • If the players enjoyed the Challenges, determine is enough interest to use Instepper as a FUNdraiser for the season,
  • If which players on the team will be in charge of the FUNdraiser.


  • Make fundraising easy, fun, and LUCRATIVE!
    • Forget about selling candy bars or discounts to local restaurants. Who likes doing that?
    • Instead, have your players fully invested in the fundraising process by leveraging their soccer skills and experiences. 
  • Your team will become a much closer team as they as work together to improve younger players' first-touches and offer them a high-quality service.
  • In California, during the pregame captains/coaches meeting, referees remind the teams that, "The game is an extention of the classroom." The Mentoring Program will also be an extension of the classroom with regard to the soft (life) skills your players will develop.
  • Becasue your season is so short, you typically can't devote too much time to fundamentals. Instead, when your players become Instepper Mentors, they, along with the younger players they are mentoring, will improve their first-touch.
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