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MIM: Meaningful, Impactful, and Memorable

Instepper wants all players' soccer careers to be MIM: Meaningful, Impactful, and Memorable.
  • Meaningful: Whatever sport is being played, the experience should always be much more than just about winning. Personal development, on and off the field, is paramount. Also, learning and reinforcing the idea of teams being 'greater' than the sum of its parts will come in handy throughout players' lives.
  • Impactful: The Instepper Mentoring Program is designed to impact 2 lives: the Mentee and Mentor. Mentors will be able to impact the lives of many Mentees, whether the Mentees are:
    • Siblings
    • Youth players affiliated or not affiliated with the Mentors' Club
    • Underserved and/or underprivileged kids in the local or broader community
    • Kids/players around the world, anywhere soccer is played.
  • Memorable: Too often, when kids look back at their youth sports careers, they don't remember much. Instepper wants players to fondly remember all the good times, and hopefully be able to laugh at some of the bad times they had on the soccer field. Whether a player was a Instepper Mentee, Mentor, or both, Instepper strives to make these experiences memorable and values.
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