Hi, I’m Alex Kos, the owner of Instepper. My athletic and soccer body-of-work and the lessons learned from each has culminated with the launch of Instepper.
  • Started playing soccer in Europe at 5. Played competitively through high school and post-college until 28.
  • 3-year starting field goal kicker and punter at Brown University. Developed my love and appreciation of, and understanding for, technical precision.
  • Coached all 3 of my kids’ House and Comp soccer team up thru U12. Obtained an E/D license.
  • Invented and patented a soccer training device called Loopball. The idea came about because of my frustration and difficulty to improve my kids’/players’ first-touch.
  • Launched Loopball 1.0. I have the battle scars to prove it.
  • Blogged about “Improving Soccer in the United States” (http://improvesoccerus.wordpress.com)
  • Refereed Club, HS, and college soccer matches. With the best seat in the house, I witnessed every day that a confident first-touch was still missing from most players, even at the college level.
  • Managed Impact Soccer Club’s youth referee mentoring program. What impressed me most was how well high school and college-aged referees mentored younger referees.

Instepper Mission

Empower tomorrow’s leaders by leveraging young athletes’ skills and passion to make learning and reinforcing fundamentals FUN!
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