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Instepper Works!

Kelly (Mentor) and Paige recently completed the introductory 10-session Instepper course. They met for 5 weeks, twice a week. Videos were taken at the start of the first session and at the end of the last session. Let's see how Paige did.
Ground-Ball Touches
Waist-High Touches
  • Paige is playing the ball; the ball is not playing her.
  • She is the one in control.
  • There are few options when the ball is stopped under the player.
  • Paige showed the most improvement with these touches, especially with her left foot. 
  • Her confidence is growing.
Sky-High Touches
Goldilocks “Cone” Zone Touches
  • We are proud of Paige. The sky-high touches are not part of the initial 10-session course. Yet, she was able to apply what she learned to easily receive these 'scary' passes.
  • No more "Elephant Stomps"!
  • Paige is learning the importance of preparing for her 2nd-touch.
  • It's imporant to always have a plan in mind before receiving a pass.
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