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  • World Cup ‘Towers’ Worth Watching: Fernando and José Torres

    Spain\’s Torres and America\’s Torres. Both play for their respective national soccer teams. Spain\’s Fernando Torres is much better known. However, due to injuries, this year\’s World Cup may belong to America\’s José Francisco Torres.

  • 2010 Soccer MVP: Inside-of-the-Foot … Receiving

    In this continuing series of posts about the 2010 Soccer MVP Tournament, the inside-of-the-foot easily won the \’Receiving\’ discipline. When it came to dictating how the ball was received (control) and how many types of passes it could receive (coverage), \’Inside\’ was the clear-cut winner.

  • 2010 Soccer MVP: Inside-of-the-Foot

    The landslide winner of the first annual Soccer MVP (most valuable part) Tournament is the inside-of-the-foot. Of the 13 disciplines tested, \’Inside\’ won or tied for first place in 9 of them, further solidifying its importance.

  • Loopball™: Soccer Training Device that Works

    Poor ball control and a poor first-touch is the #1 problem in youth soccer touch. Even most high school soccer players lack this critical and fundamental skill. A new invention called Loopball addresses this problem in a fun and positive reinforcing manner.