At this age, soccer should be all about:

  • Dreaming about becoming the next Christian Pulisic or Sarah Mallory Swanson. Dream BIG!
  • Learning about and working on all fundamental soccer skills (no headers, please!)
  • Discovering your passion for soccer
  • Having fun!

Mentee Benefits

Mentee Age Range: Younger players (approximately grades K-8)

  • Mentors will making learning FUN!
  • Learn the importance of a good FIRST-TOUCH.
  • Learn the proper mechanics when receiving a ball with the insides-of-the-feet (and other skills).
  • Develop both your right and left feet.
  • Develop proper muscle memory.
  • Learn the importance of working on your FUNdamentals.
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Importance of the FIRST-TOUCH

  • Knowledge Is Power. By visiting Instepper, you are already smarter knowing the importance of the FIRST-TOUCH.
  • When you understand the importance of something, you will devote the necessary time to improve it.
  • Without a strong FIRST-TOUCH foundation you will never reach your full playing potential.


  • The optimal way to receive a ball is with the inside-of-the-foot using Heart & SOUL.
  • Lots of players (and coaches) don’t know the proper mechanics.
  • It is not an easy skill to learn.

Right & Left Feet

  • If you are only right-footed or only-left-footer, you are only half a player.
  • Players must be comfortable using both feet.

Muscle Memory

  • The FIRST-TOUCH must be committed to muscle memory.
  • Your FIRST-TOUCH must be instinctual.
  • If a player has to think about their FIRST-TOUCH, it won’t be very good.


  • In order to improve at something, you must be willing to put in the time.
  • There are no such things are shortcuts.