To start experiencing all the Benefits of Instepper, check out some of Instepper’s high-level playbooks.

Coaches: Get More Out of Your Players

This playbook is for Coaches of older Club teams, as well as high school and college coaches. Be sure to review all coaches’ Benefits.

  • If you are in-season, run the Dream BIG! Challenge at your next practice. The older your players, the more “they” should organize/run the Challenge, not you.
  • If the season is about to start, or you have tryouts, have the Dream BIG! Challenge be your first interaction with the kids. You will collect very valuable information about the players.
  • If the Challenge was enthusiastically received, share your vision for the season (FUNdraising, Mentoring Program) and the roles all players will play.
  • If there is player buy-in, let the learning, improvement, and FUN begin.

Contact Instepper when you have received buy-in or would like help with the introduction. We have a more detailed Playbook available.

Teams: Grow On and Off the Field

Team Playbooks are only limited by a team’s imagination.

  • At your next practice, take the Team “Dream BIG!” Challenge. What was you team’s average score?
  • Work collectively on improving some of the weak spots.
  • In a few weeks, take the “Dream BIG!” Challenge again. Did team average improve? Just as important, have team dynamics changed/improved.
  • Challenge other teams to a “Dream BIG!” contest.

Parents: Challenge Your Children

A Parent Playbook can take on many forms. You know your child best. Review all Benefits. Above all, make sure they are having FUN!

  • Introduce Instepper to your children.
  • Help them with the Instepper Challenges. Did they like them? Did they learn something?
  • If they did, introduce Instepper to your coach, Club, or school along with the benefits of starting up an Instepper Mentoring Program.

Contact Instepper to learn more.

Mentors: Growing Forward and Giving Back

This Mentor Playbook is first step for players who want to Change the World. It starts by giving back. Review all the Benefits as you start your quest.

Contact Instepper to learn how to get start your journey.

Players: Challenge Yourself, Challenges Others, Have FUN!

Player Playbooks are only limited by one’s imagination.

  • Do any and all Instepper Challenges.
  • Post your Challenge videos. Tag #Instepper
  • Challenge yourself to improve your FIRST-TOUCH.
  • Ask coach to incorporate Instepper Challenges into your practices.

Tournament Directors: Offer More than Just Games

Turn your Tournament into the ‘Must-Attend’ Tournament of the year. Also raise a lot more money.

  • Recruit an older boys and girls team that will run/host “Instepper Days” during your tournament.
  • Determine what Challenges, activities, and merchandise will be part of your tournament
  • Market these activities to teams that are looking to attend your tournament.

For Clubs/School that don’t host tournaments, any large Event (i.e., opening day, big rivalry match, etc) will be enhanced with Instepper Days.

Contact Instepper to learn how we can help.

Clubs: Build a Strong Community

Incorporating Instepper will change your Club for years to come. The list of Benefits is long. The Club Playbook is start small and gauge interest.

  • Recruit a few older teams to be Mentors.
  • Recruit a few younger teams to be Mentees.
  • Run “Instepper Days” at large Club event.
  • Gauge overall interest.

Anytime during this process, contact Instepper.

Trainers: Grow Your Business & Services

Thank the trainees you have trained (and the parents who paid for you services) by giving them training opportunities.

  • Mentor them to train your younger trainees. You know they can do it. After all, you trained them.
  • Focus your time on the more advanced trainings.