Improving Soccer One FIRST-TOUCH at a Time

Hello soccer enthusiasts. Our mission is to INSPIRE young players to:

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  • Benefits for the entire soccer Community, and we mean everyone!
  • Programs that set Instepper apart.
  • Our Mission in greater detail.

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Instepper Benefits

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Player Benefits

  • Improve the most important fundamental skill in soccer; your FIRST-TOUCH (receiving the ball) using the INSIDES-OF-THE-FEET.
  • Make soccer even more fun and enjoyable.
  • Turn your soccer passion and expertise into personal grow both on and off the field.

Mentor Benefits

Mentors Age Range: Older players (approximately grades 9-12 and college players)

  • Become the Best Player You Can Be
  • Be Better Prepared for Your Post-Soccer Career
  • Change the World!
  • Earn Money!
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At this age, soccer should be all about:

  • Dreaming about becoming the next Christian Pulisic or Sarah Mallory Swanson. Dream BIG!
  • Learning about and working on all fundamental soccer skills (no headers, please!)
  • Discovering your passion for soccer
  • Having fun!

Mentee Benefits

Mentee Age Range: Younger players (approximately grades K-8)

  • Mentors will making learning FUN!
  • Learn the importance of a good FIRST-TOUCH.
  • Learn the proper mechanics when receiving a ball with the insides-of-the-feet (and other skills).
  • Develop both your right and left feet.
  • Develop proper muscle memory.
  • Learn the importance of working on your FUNdamentals.
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Instepper will help develop your child on and off the field.

Instepper is also keenly aware that for many families, soccer can be expensive. Instepper has many options that can help reduce or eliminate the cost of playing.

Parent Benefits

  • Make your child more confident on and off the field.
  • Develop an appreciation for developing a strong fundamental foundation.
  • Provide your child with alternative learning and development options.
  • Improve mental health.
  • Help your older children prepare for life after soccer.
  • Every player has the opportunity for growth, regardless of talent.
  • Help develop important life soft skills that will help them in college, workforce, and life.
  • Make soccer more affordable.
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Coach Benefits

Inexperienced / House / Younger Team Coaches

  • Make your players’ soccer experience(s) more memorable and FUN!
  • Expand your soccer knowledge.
  • Introduce and reinforce proper fundamental mechanics.

Experienced / Competitive / Older Team Coaches

  • Let’s you spend more on time tactics and less on isolation exercises.
  • Your players will be more technically-sound, smarter, and more vocal if they mentor.
  • Mix things up.
  • Help your players stay in phenomenal shape.
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Team Benefits

  • Younger and older teams will develop strong fundamental skills that will lead to more successes on the field.
  • Older teams will raise incredible amounts of money through player-run FUNdraisers.
  • Experience the Power of ‘TEAM’.
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Club Benefits

  • Differentiate your Club from other clubs and attracts more members.
  • Attract more sponsors.
  • Increase player retention.
  • Offer your older players opportunities for personal growth so they are better prepared for life once they age-out.
  • Achieve more successes on the field.
  • Build a stronger, more unified Club/Community.
  • Reinforce your Club’s philosophies, mission, and vision.
  • Increase the number of soccer offerings.
  • Provide families/players with options to offset memberships costs.
  • Help members make a difference in your Community and beyond.
  • Create a pipeline of young coaches, assistance coaches, and referees.
  • Entice more teams to attend your tournaments.

High School Benefits

  • Provide all players with an opportunity to use their passion and soccer experience to develop important soft skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.
  • Raise a lot of funds quickly and from many sources.
  • Incorporate alternative training and development sources (especially important given the short high school season.
  • Offer varsity players many growth opportunities (in addition to mentoring).
  • Build team, high school, and community spirit.
  • Increase on-field successes.
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College Benefits

  • Provide your players with unique opportunities for professional growth.
    • Your players are one step away from careers.
    • Instepper offers business/entrepreneurial/coaching opportunities
  • Chance for players to give back to the their youth Clubs.
    • They can implement and manage the Clubs’ new Mentoring program
    • They can earn extra money and/or raise money for their Club.
  • Attract more recruits.
  • Improved fundamental skills will translate to better performances on the field.
  • Differentiate your program from other college programs.
  • Increase your fan base, especially among young fans.
    • Increase home attendance.
  • Extend your school’s reach in your and your players’ communities.
  • Keep injured or red-shirted players engaged and improving
  • Raise money.


Tournaments are huge fundraising events. But many tournaments don’t optimize fundraising opportunities or do enough to keep teams returning year-after-year.

Adding Instepper Challenges/ events such as “Dream BIG“, “Go Al, Goal!“, and Heart & SOUL Challenges will give visiting teams “something to do” between (or after) games. Turn Challenges into friendly competitions between players and teams. These Challenges/ events will help your tournament:

  • Stand out from other tournaments.
  • Offer visiting teams many fun activities during their visit.
  • Provide older teams an opportunity to raise a lot of money.
  • See the power of Instepper in action.
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Trainer Benefits

Youth Trainers (high school- and college-aged players)

  • Review all Mentor benefits.
  • Delve into Entrepreneurship.
  • Enhance personal growth and leadership roles.
  • Network with other youth trainers.

Veteran Trainers

  • Generate pipeline for more business.
  • Develop the next generation of trainers and coaches.
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Instepper Mission Explained


Why is the FIRST-TOUCH in all caps?

  • The FIRST-TOUCH is the most important fundamental skill in soccer.
  • A good FIRST-TOUCH will lead to a better second touch.
  • Every play begins with a FIRST-TOUCH.
  • Players must have a good FIRST-TOUCH to reach their full playing potential.
  • The players with the best FIRST-TOUCH are the best players on the team.


What would you rather choose–BOREdamentals or FUNdamentals?

  • Most fundamentals are repetitive, time-consumption, and BOREing.
  • Instepper FUNdamentals are different. They include:
    • Awesome Mentoring Program.
    • Addictive Challenges.
    • Fun and creative drills.

When players learn to appreciate the importance of fundamentals and have fun working on them, they will be more successful at EVERYTHING they do, not just soccer.


No one likes to fundraise. Everyone loves to FUNdraise!

Instepper promotes in a player-run, service-oriented FUNdraising approach. Our FUNdraisers are impactful and lucrative.

  • Service-oriented activities that ‘do good’ attract more donors.
  • Donors will contribute more money if players (not parents) are fully invested in raising money for themselves, team, or Club.
  • FUNdraisers will expose players to activities and experiences that will help develop important skills off the field.
  • Using the latest fundraising technologies will substantially increase donations.
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  • Running a mentoring program and organizing Instepper Days is full of learning opportunities.
  • Donors will want to contribute to and foster these skills.


  • Givebutter is an excellent site that will supercharge an Instepper FUNdraiser.
  • Who better to understand and utilize technology than Gen Zers?

Change the World

Can a FIRST-TOUCH Change the World? Yes it can!

  • A better FIRST-TOUCH will make better players.
  • Mentors who help younger players “Change 2 Lives”: the mentee’s life and their own.
  • The entire soccer Community must play a vital role for change to occur.
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  • Better players start to exude more confidence.
  • More confidence will lead players are more apt to push beyond any perceived limits.


  • Teaching (mentoring) is a great teacher.
  • Mentors will develop important life/soft skill they take with them anywhere.
  • Expand your reach/change further. Reach out to your community. Offer more services/programs that will change the lives of more players.


  • Parents, coaches, Clubs, school! Thank you for all that you do to change the lives of your children/players every day.
  • Let’s do even more to help the next generation flourish and lead.