• Instepper will help develop your child on and off the field.
  • Instepper is also keenly aware that for many families, soccer can be expensive. Instepper has many options that can help reduce or eliminate the cost of playing.

Parent Benefits

  • Make your child more confident on and off the field.
  • Develop an appreciation for developing a strong fundamental foundation.
  • Provide your child with alternative learning and development options.
  • Improve mental health.
  • Help your older children prepare for life after soccer.
  • Every player has the opportunity for growth, regardless of talent.
  • Help develop important life soft skills that will help them in college, workforce, and life.
  • Make soccer more affordable.
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Save Money

  • Mentors can mentor to earn extra money.
  • Large FUNdraising activities/events can raise a lot of money quickly.
  • Your Club may choose to offer credits if your child volunteers their mentoring services.
  • Supplemental training from a Mentor is inexpensive and will ‘Change 2 Lives’.


  • A confident child will believe he/she can do anything.


  • Players working on their FIRST-TOUCH will see immediate benefits.
  • Besides sports, fundamentals are part of the classroom and workforce.
    • Understanding the importance and the willingness to put in the time and effort to develop fundamentals will pay huge future dividends.


  • Cross-aged mentoring benefits both the mentee (young player) and the mentor (older player)
  • Reduces the chance of training becoming stale which lessens the chance of burnout.

Mental Health

  • Instepper strives to make all of its interactions are stress-free as possible.
    • Younger players mentored by older players is much less stressful than being coached by parents or adult coaches.
    • An alarming number of potentially great athletes quit their sports because they get burned out. Instepper provides a nice respite.
  • Instepper is all about Having FUN!
  • Instepper encourages mistakes. How else will your children learn?

Life After Soccer

  • Many players are ill-prepared when for the day of their final high school game, especially the good players.
  • It would be a huge, missed opportunity if your child did not take advantage of their soccer passion and expertise to develop other important and marketable skills.


  • Not all players on a team are given the same developmental opportunities.
  • Leadership development usually goes to the captains and/or keepers.
  • It’s usually the best players that get to play different positions and be more involved in set plays.
  • Instepper encourages all players to become Mentors, regardless of ability.

Soft Skills

  • Soft skills are highly coveted by employers
  • They can’t be taught in the classroom
  • Some examples are: Leadership, communication, collaboration, emotional intelligence, etc.