Instepper Mentoring Program

  • Instepper believes that high school- and college-aged players are uniquely qualified to mentor younger players in the art of the FIRST-TOUCH. A cross-aged mentoring program, when mentors and mentees are close in age, is an effective teaching tool.
  • A Mentoring Program is most effective when the program has the full support and commitment of the Club/school.
  • Instepper strongly recommends that a Mentoring Program is run by the Mentors with the right amount of support/guidance from adults within the Club/school. This includes leadership positions/roles.
  • All mentor-aged players, regardless of playing ability, can be part of the Mentoring Program.

There are just too many benefits to list. Check out all the Mentor, Mentee, Club, School, and Other benefits. The benefits of having Mentors play a large role in the Mentoring Program are enormous. Mentors will be:

  • Motivated to make sure the Program is a success.
  • Appreciative of all the learning/grow opportunities that go far beyond what is learned on the soccer field.
  • Inspired knowing their Program and services has such a profound impact on younger players.
  • Better prepared to embark on the next chapter of their lives.

Start small. Test the waters. Determine if the Instepper Mentoring program is for you.

It will cost the Club/school nothing to try.

  • Have an older-aged team (HS or U15-U18) complete the Dream BIG! Challenge. Was it fun? Would younger players would enjoy it?
  • Test-drive the Instepper Mentoring Program. Invite younger teams or host an “Instepper Days”. Set up several Challenges, including Heart & SOUL. Gauge younger player and parent interest.
  • With sufficient interest, launch the Instepper Mentoring Program.

The Club/School and Mentor “Team” should decide on what services to offer. Instepper recommends these services:

  • Offer a 10-lesson course spread across 5-10 weeks that focuses on improving the FIRST-TOUCH.
    • This a great for Mentors to gain confidence to then take on bigger challenges (i.e., assistant coaching, refereeing, etc).
  • At an upcoming event that draws of lot of players, (Tournament, opening-day, “Big” games, etc.), host “Instepper Days” (or a name of your choosing) that has lots of FUN activities like Instepper Challenges.

These and the services listed below are incredible FUNdraising opportunities.

From there, the services and activities that Mentors can offer are boundless.

  • Offer additional courses that reinforce the FIRST-TOUCH and other soccer FUNdamental skills that build off of the FIRST-TOUCH.
  • Assist coaches for younger (House) teams or get several Mentors to coach a younger team.
  • Take your Mentoring Program on the road. Share your passion for soccer in Communities that lack soccer and financial resources.
  • Get involved in charitable and Community causes.
  • Offer up your Mentoring services to the Pro Clubs in your area. These organization are always looking for FUN activities for their fans.