Instepper Mentoring Program

Instepper believes that high school and college aged players are uniquely qualified to mentor younger players in the art of the FIRST-TOUCH. Cross-aged mentoring program, where the mentors and mentees are close in age, is a proven teaching tool.

  • Both mentee and mentor improve their FIRST-TOUCH.
  • Mentors improve as players and as people as they develop important life/soft skills that will serve them well now and in the future.
  • Mentees are more likely to engage and have more fun with their mentors as they undertake the often boring and repetitive task of developing and improving FUNdamentals.
  • The 1:1 or 1:2 mentor-to-mentee ratio will forge strong bonds and friendships.

Start small. Test the waters. Determine if the Instepper Mentoring program is for you.

  • Have an older-aged team (HS or U5-U18) complete the Dream BIG! Challenge. Was it fun? Would younger players would enjoy it? If so …
  • Test-drive the Mentoring Program. Invite younger team or host an “Instepper Days”. Set up several Challenges, including Heart & SOUL. Gauge younger player and parent interest.
  • With sufficient interest, launch the Mentoring Program. Offer a 10-lesson course spread across 5-10 weeks that focuses on improving the FIRST-TOUCH.

After initial successes, Mentors will be motivated to expand their services.

  • Offer additional courses that reinforce the FIRST-TOUCH and other skills that build off of the first-touch.
  • Use the Mentoring Program to FUNdraise.
  • Take your Mentoring acumen/skills with you (i.e., college).