Mentor Benefits

Mentors Age Range: Older players (approximately grades 9-12 and college players)

  • Become the Best Player You Can Be
  • Be Better Prepared for Your Post-Soccer Career
  • Change the World!
  • Earn Money!
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Best Player

  • It’s never too late to learn and improve your FIRST-TOUCH.
    • The best professionals work on their FIRST-TOUCH Every Single Day!
  • It’s true, “Teaching is the best teacher.” When you teach younger players the finer art of the FIRST-TOUCH (and other skills), your FIRST-TOUCH will improve as well.
  • The best players on a team will always be the ones with the best FIRST-TOUCH.

Better Preparation

  • Only 7% of high school varsity players will play college soccer.
  • You have invested so much time and energy in your soccer career. It’s important to get a return on your investment.
  • Take your soccer passion and expertise and develop important soft skills that will serve you well in the next chapter of your life.
    • Soft skills are highly valued by employers because they are difficult to learn in the classroom. They are best developed through everyday experiences.
    • Some of the soft skills that Instepper Mentors develop are: Communication, Innovation, Creativity, Emotional intelligence, Collaboration, Adaptability, Leadership, Time management, Work ethic, Listening, etc.
  • Performing mentoring work looks great on college applications and resumes!

Change the World!

  • Instepper believes that every soccer player, regardless of their on-field talent, has the power to Change the World.
    • Perhaps you do the Heart & SOUL drill at an Instepper Day event with a young kid and he/she decides to play soccer the following year.
    • Or you complete a 10-lesson Instepper course and your mentee ends up making the Comp team.
  • Instepper hopes that your Mentoring experiences will give you the confidence and aspirations to Change the World.

Earn Money

Instepper offers many ways you can earn (or save) money.

  • Get paid for doing mentor-related work:
    • 1:1 training session
    • Assistant coaching
  • Earn school credit if your high school requires volunteer hours.
  • The NCAA and most states allow players to earn money through NIL (name, image, and likeness) deals.
  • There is no age limited when it comes to making money from social media.
    • Build your online brand.
  • FUNdraise to reduce or eliminate team expenses.
    • Registration fees
    • Travel and tournament expenses
    • Equipment