Tournament Benefits

Tournaments are huge fundraising events. But many tournaments don’t optimize fundraising opportunities or do enough to keep teams returning year-after-year.

Adding Instepper Challenges/ events such as “Dream BIG“, “Go Al, Goal!“, and Heart & SOUL Challenges will give visiting teams “something to do” between (or after) games. Turn Challenges into friendly competitions between players and teams. These Challenges/ events will help your tournament:

  • Stand out from other tournaments.
  • Offer visiting teams many fun activities during their visit.
  • Provide older teams an opportunity to raise a lot of money.
  • See the power of Instepper in action.
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Stand Out

Differentiate your tournament from all others tournaments.

  • Make it easier to attract teams for future tournaments.
  • Offer larger or more tournaments.
  • Gain goodwill within your local Community.
  • Reap the benefits of trying something new.

Visiting Team Appreciation

Visiting teams often give up their weekends, drive long distances, and spend a lot of money to attend your tournament. A majority of teams only play the minimum number of games. Make it worth their while. In turn, they will hopefully:

  • Return for future tournaments.
  • Promote your tournament to other teams.
  • Add social media posts (to help with your promotions).
  • Spend more money at your tournament or in your local Community.

Raise More Money

  • Great fundraising opportunities for older-aged boys/girls teams.
  • Attract more sponsors.
  • Funnel more activity to other tournament vendors.

Instepper Power

  • Witness first-hand the excitement and enthusiasm Instepper generates.
  • Explore how Instepper can help your Club year-round.