Instepper Challenges are unique, entertaining, and FUN activities that are designed to improve players’ FIRST-TOUCHES. These challenges can be used by anyone, anywhere as long as there is no financial gain.

The Dream BIG! Challenge is a timed activity that challenges every soccer fundamental, including the FIRST-TOUCH. It also asks players to Dream BIG! about their soccer careers and the careers they want once their playing days are over.

The purpose of this shooting/scoring GO AL, GOAL Challenge is to help AL achieve his/her GOOOOOOOAL; hitting 6 goal targets. It’s easier said than done.

Tutti is Italian for ‘means ‘Everybody’. 2T is short for Two-Touch. Footie is short for Football. In any language, “Tutti 2T” results in “Good Footie”

Having Heart & SOUL is the key to a good first FIRST-TOUCH. The SOUL acronym helps players the remember the proper FIRST-TOUCH mechanics. The younger a player is introduced to Heart & SOUL, the better.

Try it Yourself

Step 1

  • Have someone record you receiving several passes prior to starting the Challenge (you will want to see how much you instantly improve). Make sure to receive passes with both feet.

Step 2

  • ‘Cup’ the soccer ball between the top of your dominant foot and shin.
  • Point your toe up as high as possible to create a ‘pocket’ that the ball can rest in.
  • Squeeze the ball with your toe against your shin to keep the ball in place.
  • Lift your heel off the ground, keeping the ball in place.
  • After a few seconds, remove the ball but keep your foot in the same position. ‘Feel’ the position of your foot.

Step 3

  • Place a pip on the inside-of-your-foot. Specifically, place the pip on the nodule of the navicular bone.

Step 4

  • Have someone pass you the ball.
  • Make sure the center of the ball hits the pip.
  • Your foot must be in the same position as described in Step 2.
  • Make sure to video the first few Heart & SOUL passes.

Step 5

  • Repeat Steps 2-4, this time using your other foot.
  • Video yourself to see your improvement.

Instepper Mentors will help you improve and reinforce your Heart & SOUL.

Tethering is a fantastic way to reinforce proper FIRST-TOUCH mechanics by making it easy to get in the necessary touches to make this skill more instinctual. It’s a FUN activity for teams, Clubs, schools, and the world to do 2gether.

Let’s Play 9

Let’s Play 9 bring golf to the soccer field. If your FIRST-TOUCHES are perfect, you will have achieved the impossible; 9 holes-in-one!


Great players have the ability to predict the future; the ability to see 2 or 3 move ahead. The Crystal Baller Challenge will help you start seeing the future more clearly and also raise your soccer IQ.