What is the FIRST-TOUCH? It’s a term for:

  • Receiving the ball
  • Stopping the ball, or
  • Ball control.

When the FIRST-TOUCH is referenced, assume the FIRST-TOUCH is being performed with INSIDES-OF-THE-FEET.

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  • The FIRST-TOUCH with the INSIDES-OF-THE-FEET is the most important fundamental skill soccer.
  • The INSIDE-OF-THE-FOOT is used most often for receiving, passing, and shooting.
    • See if that is the case the next time you watch a professional game.
  • The structure of the IOTF makes it the best foot surface for receiving, passing and shooting.
  • A good FIRST-TOUCH leads to better second touches, and so on.
  • The best players on a team will be the players with the best FIRST-TOUCH.
  • America‚Äôs FIRST-TOUCH could use a lot of improvement.
  • Without a proper and confident FIRST-TOUCH, it is impossible for players to reach their full playing potential.
  • There are many reasons that are contributing to the FIRST-TOUCH problem.
    • Lack of knowledge (both coach/player)
    • Lack of commitment (both player/coach)
    • The FIRST-TOUCH is difficult to learn.
  • With knowledge and commitment comes success.
    • Knowledge-wise, you are already a better player and/or coach knowing the importance of the FIRST-TOUCH with the insides-of-the-feet.
      • Now you need to build on this knowledge
    • Commitment-wise, coaches must start emphasizing the importance of the FIRST-TOUCH and players must put in the time and effort to improve their FIRST-TOUCH.
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