Trainer Benefits

Youth Trainers (high school- and college-aged players)

  • Review all Mentor Benefits.
  • Delve into Entrepreneurship.
  • Enhance personal growth and leadership roles.
  • Network with other youth trainers.

    Veteran Trainers

    • Generate pipeline for more business.
    • Develop the next generation of trainers and coaches.
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      Entrepreneurial Spirit

      • Develop key entrepreneurship characteristics: innovation, risk-taking, creativity, determination, and passion.
      • Personalize the Instepper curriculum to best suit your personality and trainees.
      • Make more money and make a bigger difference by continuously improving your services.
      • Offer services that everyone can afford.
      • Incorporate social media and build your brand.

      Personal Growth and Leadership Roles

      • Grow as a player and person on and off the field.
      • Invite friends and teammates to help when you get too much business.
      • Experiment, continuously.
      • Contribute to the growth of Instepper.


      • Join the growing network of youth Mentors and trainers.
      • Share ideas with fellow Mentors and trainers.
      • Learn from like-minded peers.

      New Business Pipeline

      Instepper believes Youth Trainers are ideally suited to train/mentor younger players to improve their FUNdamentals and that Veteran Trainers are best suited to develop advanced soccer skills. With that in mind:

      • Work with Youth Trainers to enhance your services/offerings and attract more clients.
      • Encourage current and past trainees to become Youth Trainers.
      • Offer and promote cheaper training options for simple skill development.
      • Funnel ‘graduating’ youth players to your advanced training offerings.
      • Train a larger number of youth players at once.

      Develop the Next Generation

      • Training and mentoring is a great introduction into other facets of the game (i.e., coaching).
      • Impart your knowledge and leave a lasting footprint.