Coaches Benefits

Inexperienced / House / Younger Team Coaches

  • Make your players’ soccer experience(s) more memorable and FUN!
  • Expand your soccer knowledge.
  • Introduce and reinforce proper fundamental mechanics.

Experienced / Competitive / Older Team Coaches

  • Let’s you spend more on time tactics and less on isolation exercises.
  • Your players will be more technically-sound, smarter, and more vocal if they mentor.
  • Mix things up.
  • Help your players stay in phenomenal shape.
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Younger Team Coaches

  • At this age and level, it should be all about FUN!
  • Instill in your players the love of soccer and sports.


Younger Team Coaches

  • Soccer is a very unique and nuanced sport. Name another sport with this level of eye-foot coordination.
  • Let passionate and experienced players mentor you and your players.


Younger Team Coaches

  • Proper mechanics make better and more confident players.
  • When players feel like they are doing well, they will play next season.

More Tactic Time

Older Team Coaches

  • Your value to your players and Club is your soccer knowledge/experience. Spending a lot of time on isolation exerecises is not the best use of your time.
  • Chefs have sous chefs. Instepper Mentors can play the roll of sous coach.

Better Players

Older Team Coaches

  • The more ‘coaches’ you have on the fields, the less time you will need to coach from the sidelines.
  • Your players will be able comprehend and apply more sophisticated game tactics.
  • Some players will blossom after mentoring in ways you may not have expected.

Mix It Up

Older Team Coaches

  • Keep things fresh and players engaged.
    • Practices and games can be intense. Your players will benefit from a less-intense, stress-free activity.
    • Help build team chemistry and camaraderie.


Older Team Coaches

  • Better shape means less conditioning time during practice.
  • Better shape equals less injuries.