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  • What Every Team Needs: A Reporter

    Joining a soccer team should be more than just learning how to score goals and learn about good sportsmanship. I strongly advocate that each team have a reporter to help publicize the team. That reporter should be a player (or players).

  • Soccer’s Magic Cube

    Soccer’s Magic Cube will help young players learn and understand with which foot and with which surface of the foot a ball should be stopped when it is passed to the left or right side of the body.

  • Want to Play College Soccer? What is your GPA?

    What soccer player does not think about playing professional soccer? Only a few lucky players will get this opportunity. College is certainly an option but, again, players need to be fantastic to have such an experience. Or do they? Excellent grades can be and oftentimes are more important than soccer ability.

  • \’Adopt-a-College-Soccer-Player\’ Program

    A \’Adopt-a-College-Player\’ program will benefit youth soccer players, the soccer Club/League, the local College/University, the Club/League coaches, and the college/university player.

  • Adopt-a-High-School-Soccer-Player Program

    Parents, who would you rather have train your child\’s U8 soccer team? A 40-year-old ex-professional soccer player or a Junior from the local high school soccer team? How would your 7-year-old answer the same question? This post examines the tremendous benefits if the second option is chosen. Everyone will win!

  • Enrich and Retain your Soccer Knowledge with Spaced Education

    Education is important–much more than any soccer practice. A new website ( offers spaced education which may not have much soccer value, but is a fantastic way to learn and retain soccer information. To learn more about the concept of spaced education, enroll in my Soccer 101 course.