Category: fun practices

  • Fun Practice Games: World Cup Tournament

    Who says that the World Cup only has to take place every four years? Incorporate World Cup Tournament small-sided scrimmages in each practice and enjoy the World Cup year-round.

  • Soccer’s Magic Cube

    Soccer’s Magic Cube will help young players learn and understand with which foot and with which surface of the foot a ball should be stopped when it is passed to the left or right side of the body.

  • Fun Practice Alternative: Catch

    Most kids like a good game of catch. To give players a fun alternative to soccer practice, turn futbol practice into football practice. Pick quarterbacks and receivers and then have them run pass patterns. The only difference is that instead of throwing the ball being thrown, kick the ball.

  • The De-Cursing Ritual is for Real

    It appears that the de-cursing ritual is legitimate. After not having lost a game since my U11 son\’s soccer team started having their shoes and gloves de-cursed. Get this … for their last game, their shoes and gloves were not de-cursed … strange.

  • Memorable, Fun, and Age-Appropriate Rituals

    Tired of inconsistent play and loses to weaker teams, the coaching staff allowed its team to be de-cursed. The team has not lost since. More importantly, the players will remember this fun and memorable ritual for years to come.

  • Fun Practice Alternative: Chess

    What do chess and soccer have in common? Quite a bit. Many of the skills that are required to be a good chess player carry over nicely to the soccer field: planning ahead and understanding and studying the opponent are just two examples. Plus, having several \’chess\’ practices throughout the season will be a nice…

  • Fun Practice Alternative: Ultimate Soccer

    Frisbees at a soccer practice? Sure, why not! Ultimate Soccer which is similar to Ultimate Frisbee, can teach soccer players about open spaces, playing with the head up, communication, and is a fun way to get and stay in shape.

  • Fun Practice Alternative: Kickball

    The same old practice routine can get old. To spice things up, play a game of kickball. Besides it being a lot of fun, players will be working on and improving their first-touch and dribbling skills.