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  • Coaches: Limit Joystick Coaching

    \’Joystick Coaching\’ occurs when coaches dictate and control the movement of players on the field. During games, let players play and have fun. Let them think for themselves and make mistakes. It\’s part of the game.

  • Coaches and Parents and Rhetorical Questions

    How does a player respond to the questions, \”What were you thinking or who was that to?\” Players usually won\’t answer the first question and will lie about the second. There is a simple solution addressing the, \”Who was that to?\” rhetorical question that will result in much better play.

  • MLS Strike Averted: Now Watch and Learn

    With the MLS players\’ strike averted, youth players will have the option of attending or watching many soccer games this spring. It is important for youth players to watch professionals in actions so they can learn from and emulate their actions on the field.

  • All Adults are Teachers

    An Oakland principal recently stated that he expects all adults on campus, including teachers, lunch and custodial staff, and even himself to be teachers. After all, \”It takes a village to raise a child.\” So are all adults associated with soccer being good teachers?\” The answer is, \”Yes\” but there is room for improvement.

  • Player, Parents, and Coach Soccer Evaluations and Meetings

    Much like school where progress reports are regularly sent home and parent/teacher conferences are routinely offered, soccer players, parents, and coaches will benefit greatly from player evaluations and player/parent/coaches meetings. While the evaluations and meetings will require the coach to spend many extra hours to complete, it will be well worth the effort.

  • Parents: Don\’t Over-Promote your Child

    It is never a good idea for a parent to over-promote or advertise abilities that don\’t exist to a coach. The parent, coach, and player will only be disappointed. Have the player\’s ability do all the talking. Make sure the coach is always pleasantly surprised.

  • Parents: Do Not Reinforce Poor Play

    Parents love the long ball. But by oohing and aahing this type of kick, parents are reinforcing soccer poor play. Instead, parents should reinforce good play such as a nice first-touch and an accurate pass.