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  • Referees Are Teachers Too

    When referees are involved in games whose players, coaches, and fans are new to the sport, they should also assume the role of teacher and educator for everyone.

  • Reputations: Easy to Gain, Difficult to Change

    It is great having a good reputation. It is not so great having a bad reputation. Reputations are earned and are usually correct. If you don\’t like yours, the start of a new season is a great time to change it.

  • Loopballâ„¢: Soccer Training Device that Works

    Poor ball control and a poor first-touch is the #1 problem in youth soccer touch. Even most high school soccer players lack this critical and fundamental skill. A new invention called Loopball addresses this problem in a fun and positive reinforcing manner.

  • 95-Yard Goal; Thank the Goalkeeper

    I\’m a big advocate of playing the goalie as far as of the goal as he/she is comfortable. But when a player scored a 95-yard goal, was this a case where the goalie was playing too far out? Not at all. In fact the goalie was not playing far enough out.