Hello Givebutter,

I’m looking for a leading-edge fundraising partner that will inspire young soccer players to Change the World

Youth soccer, like all youth sports, has turned into a business. I’ll spare you the many issues with this business model. But there is no turning back and, therefore, it must be embraced.  It costs money to play. And for many teams, clubs, and schools, money must be raised.

Technology has made fundraising much easier, but many campaigns are not utilizing technology to its fullest extent. Consequently, not only are fundraisers underperforming, but more importantly:

  • Donors get little value for their donations.
  • Communities and players lose out on ‘give-back’ opportunities.
  • Players miss out on opportunities for one-of-a-kind personal growth. 

My Instepper Mentoring Program addresses all the challenges and issues I have laid out. 

I would like to work with and promote Givebutter as Instepper’s exclusive fundraising technology partner. How can we make this happen?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Alex Kos
Founder of Instepper