Help Wanted: Youth Soccer Players

My name is Alex Kos. I have developed a unique soccer Mentoring Program called Instepper.

I need action photos and videos of Mentors and Mentees performing Instepper activities that I can add to my Instepper website, post to social media accounts, and/or upload to YouTube.

I am looking for a handful of Mentor and Mentee volunteers.

Mentor and Mentee Volunteers

  • Ideal Mentor
    • Grades 9-16 (high school and college aged)
    • Players with at least 2 years of playing experience (House or Comp)
  • Ideal Mentee
    • Grades K-8
    • No playing experience necessary

Ideally …

  • A Mentor brings 1 or 2 Mentees they know (i.e., younger sibling, neighbor kid, etc.)
  • A Mentee brings a Mentor they know.
  • If a Mentor/Mentee does not have someone they can bring, that’s OK. We will figure something out.


There will be no monetary compensation. However, if you grant me permission to use your pictures and videos, you will receive:

  • 1 Loopball kit (while supplies last … limit 1 per family/team … see picture)
    • Velcro soccer ball
    • 2 straps/targets
    • 1 tether device
  • A GUARANTEE that each Mentor and Mentee, regardless of current ability, will learn something new and will be a better soccer player after just 1 session.

Additional Information

Next Steps

  • If you are interested or need more info, contact me through my Instepper website.
  • I live in Walnut Creek.