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  • Cheating Referees

    According to many young players, referees cheat. This seems to be a more prevalent sentiment when that team loses. However, it is highly unlikely that referees cheat. But they do make mistakes, like all of us. It is part of the game.

  • Referee the Way You Would Want Your Game Refereed

    One of my biggest referee pet peeves is when a referee or assistant referee does not give 100% effort. Since the players and coaches are, the referees should too. If referees can\’t or don\’t want to, they should not be a referee.

  • 2-3 Goal Difference Per Game: Play the Whistle

    Until the referee blows the whistle or the ball is well out-of-play, players should continue to play. If an assistant referee raises the flag, it does not mean the play has stopped. Only the referee\’s can stop play.

  • 2-3 Goal Difference Per Game: No Offside Traps

    An offside is one of the most difficult tactics to implement successfully. Professional teams have a tough time. A team is only asking for trouble if this is part of their strategy, especially young teams. Don\’t do it!