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  • Reputations: Easy to Gain, Difficult to Change

    It is great having a good reputation. It is not so great having a bad reputation. Reputations are earned and are usually correct. If you don\’t like yours, the start of a new season is a great time to change it.

  • Inside-of-the-Foot Soccer Fan Club

    After inside-of-the-foot’s victory in the inaugural 2010 MVP (most valuable part) Tournament, a Facebook page has been established for ‘Inside’. Please become a fan of ‘Inside’ and tell your friends.

  • Adopt-a-High-School-Soccer-Player Program

    Parents, who would you rather have train your child\’s U8 soccer team? A 40-year-old ex-professional soccer player or a Junior from the local high school soccer team? How would your 7-year-old answer the same question? This post examines the tremendous benefits if the second option is chosen. Everyone will win!