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  • When a Goal is not a Good Goal

    It is important for players to know and coaches to reinforce good scoring habits. The ideal areas of the goal that players should aim for are the two lower corners of the goal. Goal production is sure to go up.

  • Simple Tips that will Significantly Impact Games

    I have written 20 articles for coaches who tend to over-coach, place too much importance on the X\’s and O\’s, and don\’t let their players go out and have fun and make mistakes. Since the articles were written during the first few months of the blog, they don\’t get the visibility they deserve. The articles…

  • Playing Out-of-Position is Good

    There is a lot of truth to the saying, \”Good forwards make the best defenders and good defenders make the best forwards\”. Players should welcome an opportunity to play out-of-position. Coaches have a responsibility to provide this opportunity. Players and the team will benefit.

  • 95-Yard Goal; Thank the Goalkeeper

    I\’m a big advocate of playing the goalie as far as of the goal as he/she is comfortable. But when a player scored a 95-yard goal, was this a case where the goalie was playing too far out? Not at all. In fact the goalie was not playing far enough out.

  • 2-3 Goal Difference Per Game: Simple Goalkeeper Tricks

    Having a good goalkeeper can turn a mediocre team into a great team. Standing on or in the goal on free kicks, being properly positioned between the goal posts, and taking a forward hop-step before a shot on goal are simply yet effective ways to make a goalkeeper better.