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  • World Cup ‘Towers’ Worth Watching: Fernando and José Torres

    Spain\’s Torres and America\’s Torres. Both play for their respective national soccer teams. Spain\’s Fernando Torres is much better known. However, due to injuries, this year\’s World Cup may belong to America\’s José Francisco Torres.

  • Fun Practice Games: World Cup Tournament

    Who says that the World Cup only has to take place every four years? Incorporate World Cup Tournament small-sided scrimmages in each practice and enjoy the World Cup year-round.

  • Coaches and Parents and Rhetorical Questions

    How does a player respond to the questions, \”What were you thinking or who was that to?\” Players usually won\’t answer the first question and will lie about the second. There is a simple solution addressing the, \”Who was that to?\” rhetorical question that will result in much better play.

  • Making Players More Vocal

    Most young players are not vocal on the soccer field. This is natural. However, the sooner they become more vocal, the better players they will become. After all, soccer is much more than just kicking the ball around and scoring goals.

  • 2010 Soccer MVP: Inside-of-the-Foot … Passing

    In this continuing series of posts about the 2010 Soccer MVP Tournament, the \’Passing\’ discipline was easily won by the inside-of-the-foot. Besides being more accurate, \’Inside\’ was the only surface that gave a player multiple passing options.

  • Fun Practice Alternative: Chess

    What do chess and soccer have in common? Quite a bit. Many of the skills that are required to be a good chess player carry over nicely to the soccer field: planning ahead and understanding and studying the opponent are just two examples. Plus, having several \’chess\’ practices throughout the season will be a nice…

  • Fun Practice Alternative: Ultimate Soccer

    Frisbees at a soccer practice? Sure, why not! Ultimate Soccer which is similar to Ultimate Frisbee, can teach soccer players about open spaces, playing with the head up, communication, and is a fun way to get and stay in shape.