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  • Coaches and Parents and Rhetorical Questions

    How does a player respond to the questions, \”What were you thinking or who was that to?\” Players usually won\’t answer the first question and will lie about the second. There is a simple solution addressing the, \”Who was that to?\” rhetorical question that will result in much better play.

  • Fun Practice Alternative: Ultimate Soccer

    Frisbees at a soccer practice? Sure, why not! Ultimate Soccer which is similar to Ultimate Frisbee, can teach soccer players about open spaces, playing with the head up, communication, and is a fun way to get and stay in shape.

  • Fun Practice Alternative: Kickball

    The same old practice routine can get old. To spice things up, play a game of kickball. Besides it being a lot of fun, players will be working on and improving their first-touch and dribbling skills.