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  • 2010 Soccer MVP: Inside-of-the-Foot … Structure

    The bottom-of-the-foot won the \’Structure\’ discipline for the 2010 Soccer MVP Tournament. The inside-of-the-foot placed a very respectable second.

  • 2010 Soccer MVP: Inside-of-the-Foot

    The landslide winner of the first annual Soccer MVP (most valuable part) Tournament is the inside-of-the-foot. Of the 13 disciplines tested, \’Inside\’ won or tied for first place in 9 of them, further solidifying its importance.

  • Adopt-a-High-School-Soccer-Player Program

    Parents, who would you rather have train your child\’s U8 soccer team? A 40-year-old ex-professional soccer player or a Junior from the local high school soccer team? How would your 7-year-old answer the same question? This post examines the tremendous benefits if the second option is chosen. Everyone will win!

  • Loopballâ„¢: Soccer Training Device that Works

    Poor ball control and a poor first-touch is the #1 problem in youth soccer touch. Even most high school soccer players lack this critical and fundamental skill. A new invention called Loopball addresses this problem in a fun and positive reinforcing manner.

  • 2-3 Goal Difference Per Game: Shots On Goal

    Using the instep to drive hard shots on goal is great but if they are kicked directly at the goalie, then there is no benefit in the velocity. A better solution is to use the inside-of-the-foot and have players think how they want to score a goal.