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  • Simple Tips that will Significantly Impact Games

    I have written 20 articles for coaches who tend to over-coach, place too much importance on the X\’s and O\’s, and don\’t let their players go out and have fun and make mistakes. Since the articles were written during the first few months of the blog, they don\’t get the visibility they deserve. The articles…

  • Cheating Referees

    According to many young players, referees cheat. This seems to be a more prevalent sentiment when that team loses. However, it is highly unlikely that referees cheat. But they do make mistakes, like all of us. It is part of the game.

  • 2-3 Goal Difference Per Game: Good Sportsmanship

    In soccer, as in life, players should be good sports. Nobody likes a poor sport. Referees are no exception. Players that show good sportsmanship during a game could possibly, just maybe get a favorable call.