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  • Team Websites: WePlay.com

    Team websites make managing and administrating a team so much easier than old, pre-email and pre-Internet days. WePlay.com is one such that offers much more than just the ability to share rosters and schedules.

  • All Adults are Teachers

    An Oakland principal recently stated that he expects all adults on campus, including teachers, lunch and custodial staff, and even himself to be teachers. After all, \”It takes a village to raise a child.\” So are all adults associated with soccer being good teachers?\” The answer is, \”Yes\” but there is room for improvement.

  • Player, Parents, and Coach Soccer Evaluations and Meetings

    Much like school where progress reports are regularly sent home and parent/teacher conferences are routinely offered, soccer players, parents, and coaches will benefit greatly from player evaluations and player/parent/coaches meetings. While the evaluations and meetings will require the coach to spend many extra hours to complete, it will be well worth the effort.