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  • 2-3 Goal Difference Per Game: Follow-up the Shot

    Every time a ball is shot on goal, offensive and defense must anticipate that the goalie will make a great save and the ball will rebound back into player or it will be dropped. By following-up the shot, attackers will score more goals and defenders will save more goals.

  • Parents: Do Not Reinforce Poor Play

    Parents love the long ball. But by oohing and aahing this type of kick, parents are reinforcing soccer poor play. Instead, parents should reinforce good play such as a nice first-touch and an accurate pass.

  • 2-3 Goal Difference Per Game: Shots On Goal

    Using the instep to drive hard shots on goal is great but if they are kicked directly at the goalie, then there is no benefit in the velocity. A better solution is to use the inside-of-the-foot and have players think how they want to score a goal.