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  • Simple Tips that will Significantly Impact Games

    I have written 20 articles for coaches who tend to over-coach, place too much importance on the X\’s and O\’s, and don\’t let their players go out and have fun and make mistakes. Since the articles were written during the first few months of the blog, they don\’t get the visibility they deserve. The articles…

  • Players: Be Vocal at Tryouts

    Communication is a critical soccer component. During tryouts, players should not hesitate or be afraid of being vocal, as long as the communication is positive. Rewards will usually come to those who are vocal.

  • Soccer Pins: Good for Fundraising, Sportsmanship, and Memories

    Soccer pins are great for fundraising, teaching good sportsmanship, and creating lasting memories. In this post, I explained how it can be done.

  • All Adults are Teachers

    An Oakland principal recently stated that he expects all adults on campus, including teachers, lunch and custodial staff, and even himself to be teachers. After all, \”It takes a village to raise a child.\” So are all adults associated with soccer being good teachers?\” The answer is, \”Yes\” but there is room for improvement.