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  • Don\’t Retaliate

    Life and soccer are not fair. It always seems like the retaliator, and not the perpetrator, is getting punished for his/her actions. While it is easier said than done, don\’t retaliate.

  • Cheating Referees

    According to many young players, referees cheat. This seems to be a more prevalent sentiment when that team loses. However, it is highly unlikely that referees cheat. But they do make mistakes, like all of us. It is part of the game.

  • 2-3 Goal Difference Per Game: Neutralize the Best Player

    What can a coach do when facing a team that has an exceptional player? At the youth level, an exceptional player can have a huge impact on a game. Therefore, he or she needs to be neutralized. But how? The answer is with \’The Glove\’!