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How to Use Your "Kosi"

This above device is called a "Kosi". You can use it to make your own tether soccer ball. Follow steps below or check out the video. 
  1. Find an old soccer ball.
  2. Thoroughly wash the surface where the Kosi will be affixed. 
  3. Remove the D-ring that is sandwiched between the Kosi.
  4. Remove the adhesive backing
  5. Stick half (50%) of the Kosi to the ball.
  6. Slip on the D-ring and then affix the remain half of the Kosi to the ball.
  7. Connect a leash or rope to the D-ring.
  8. Enjoy endless hours playing with your own tether soccer ball and improving your first-touch.
Use the Kosi and the tether soccer ball at your own risk. If the ball is kicked too hard, the device will break. Over time, the adhesive will degrade. Only use the device outdoors, away from windows and other breakable objects. 
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