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Extend the classroom out to the soccer field and give your players an opportunity to showcase their talents for the benefit of your Community.

Getting Started

  • When your team has earned a fun and less-intense practice, have them go through both the Dream BIG! and GO AL, GOAL! Instepper Challenges at your next home game.
  • For homework, have your team review the entire Instepper website.
  • At the next practice, determine if the players are interested in putting on an Instepper Day.
  • Encourage them to go back to their hometowns and home Clubs and start on an Instepper Mentoring Program.


  • An Instepper Day will increase your fan base, especially young fans. You can have multiple Instepper Days throughout the season.
  • Differentiate your program from other programs. Draw more interest from recruits.
  • When your players Mentor back home, they will showcase the innovativeness and benefits of your program.
  • Mentoring will give your players an opportunity to earn extra money and develop soft, business, and leadership skills.
  • Instepper Day(s) and Mentoring are a great way for players to ‘Give Back’ to their Communities.
  • Your players’ FIRST-TOUCHES will improve (Teaching is the best teacher). All players' first-touch can use improvement. Team chemistry will improve. Your team will improve.
  • Instepper Day is easy to set up. Have it prior to your next home game. Have redshirt and injured player organize and run Instepper Day.
  • The success of an Instepper Day will encourage your players to take Instepper back to their hometowns and home Clubs.
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