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Services and Products

Instepper offers these services products and services:
Instepper Mentoring Program
Instepper's unique and affordable mentoring program uses high school and college-aged players to mentor elementary and middle school-aged (K-8) players. Using a fun and memorable curriculum, mentees will:
  • Develop a more confident FIRST-TOUCH.
  • Become smarter and more confident soccer players.
The Instepper Mentoring Program is designed around 10-session course(s) that only focuses on improving mentees' FIRST-TOUCHES.
Why a mentoring program?
  • To become good at something, players must put in the time. There are no shortcuts. Instepper Mentors will make sure that this extra work gets done.
  • Working on fundamentals is boring. Instepper Mentors will make it FUN!
  • Mentees will listen to and look up to mentors who are close in age.
  • Instepper Mentors will make mentees better soccer players. GUARANTEED

Whichever Instepper product or service you use, you will develop a stronger FIRST-TOUCH foundation. With a stronger FIRST-TOUCH foundation, there is no limit to how good of a soccer player you can become.    

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