2-3 Goal Difference Per Game: Let Them Play

Many coaches have this notion that tactics and innovative set-plays results in more goals and thus, more wins. That may be true with older kids who have developed basic soccer fundamentals such as the first-touch and have a good grasp of the game. However, this is completely untrue with a young team. My recommendation is unless you have a very good team, introducing team tactics at a young age is counterproductive. It will only confuse your players and take away the joy soccer for many of them. Simply LET THEM PLAY! At ages 13 and above, start introducing team tactics.

With that off my chest, there are many simple offense and defense tactics that a coach can employ that can easily make a 2-3 difference per game. For some teams, this will mean losing by fewer goals. For teams that can hold their own, these tips could easily translate into more wins. In the subsequent entries which includes in the title, \”2-3 Goal Difference Per Game\”, I list many of them. Each has its own separate entry so you can comment on them. I have deliberately listed only what I believe are uncommon or little-known tactics. If there are some that I have not listed, let me know.



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