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  • World Cup History: Bora Bora Bora … What Could Have Been?

    The stage was set for one of the greatest World Cup upsets of all time. The U.S. was playing Brazil in the second round of the 1994 World Cup. The U.S. was playing at home on July 4 and then they were playing a man up. Still they lost thanks to ultra-conservative head coach Bora…

  • World Cup ‘Towers’ Worth Watching: Fernando and José Torres

    Spain\’s Torres and America\’s Torres. Both play for their respective national soccer teams. Spain\’s Fernando Torres is much better known. However, due to injuries, this year\’s World Cup may belong to America\’s José Francisco Torres.

  • U.S. Men’s International Soccer Has Come a Long Way

    The U.S. is relatively new to the World Cup scene, now having qualified for the last seven World Cups. Who knows how they will do in 2010. However, should they advance out of Group C, they have a good chance to go far. Good luck U-S-A!

  • World Cup Flags

    Country flags are great until you begin to realize how many of them look like each other. For the 32 countries in this year\’s World Cup, a number of them look alike. Check it out for yourself.

  • World Cup East Bay 2010

    This year, soccer fans of all ages living in the San Francisco\’s East Bay will have an opportunity to watch, play, experience, and enjoy the World Cup in their own backyard by attending World Cup East Bay 2010 (WCEB2010).

  • Fun Practice Games: World Cup Tournament

    Who says that the World Cup only has to take place every four years? Incorporate World Cup Tournament small-sided scrimmages in each practice and enjoy the World Cup year-round.

  • MLS Strike Averted: Now Watch and Learn

    With the MLS players\’ strike averted, youth players will have the option of attending or watching many soccer games this spring. It is important for youth players to watch professionals in actions so they can learn from and emulate their actions on the field.

  • Penalty Kicks Decide U20 World Cup

    The U20 World Cup Championship was decided on penalty kicks. Because Brazil missed 3 of its 6 penalties, Ghana was crowned Champs. Had Brazil simply taken low and hard kicks into the side netting, the outcome may have been different.