World Cup Flags

I\’m not sure if this article falls under \’Improving Soccer in the United States\’. However, it definitely falls under \’Improving Geography in the United States\’. The way I see it, any type of improvement is a good thing.

With that said, what is going on with the Serbian, Slovakian, and Slovenian flags? They all look the same. When I first started collecting flag images for the 32 countries in this year\’s World Cup for my World Cup East Bay 2010 event, I wasted a good deal of time because I kept thinking I had used some flags twice. But when I deleted one of the \’duplicates\’, I only had 31 flags. Finally I figured out that these countries\’ flags do look very similar. See for yourself.

\"\" Serbia

\"\" Slovakia

\"\" Slovenia

Good thing Russia did not make this year\’s World Cup. That really would have made things confusing.

\"\" Russia

Then there is Australia and New Zealand. Can you tell the difference?

\"\" Australia

\"\" New Zealand

Check out how similar the flags are for the two African countries of Cameroon and Ghana.

\"\" Cameroon

\"\" Ghana

The Dutch (Netherlands) and Paraguayan flags are also very similar.

\"\" Netherlands

\"\" Paraguay

Though they did not make this year\’s World Cup, I want to thank Nepal for their flag. Its design will never be mistaken for another country.

\"\" Nepal


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    in the next world cup, i would try to be so energetic and i would cheer all day for my favorite team ““

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